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Haven Sounds

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by Rich Aucoin

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Kayfabe 02:41
KAYFABE just couldn’t do it living the american dream i didn’t write it i read it in a magazine i tried to make it ran away when i turned eighteen i couldn’t cut it losing all the hope i’d seen truth is dead they said running out of gasoline driving till the end of the night wake me on the i-19 and call the government can’t fake the breakdown american kayfabe is the way now can’t fake the breakdown american kayfabe’s whatcha say now i started running but i don’t really know what for i saw it coming but who knew this was what’s in store i heard em yelling louder than a victor’s roar i’m feeling anxious like nothing ever felt before boarded up main street only in the USA driving on route 66 living in the new decay and call the government going going gone american way
HOW IT BREAKS there is a ruler who wants all the power and it’s gonna take all of our strength to stop them right where they stand they steal water poison sons and daughters play divide and conquer fearing what they don’t understand we cannot listen when we’re shouting online it’s dividing of our progress when we’re so close to find the destination where we can align it’s over when we say so and it’s already time that’s how it breaks it’s coming to be right now i know i know good god give me just a little bit we can stop them we’ve got more in common we gotta keep them from bombing killing in the name of their greed i hear you and you hear me letting go of fear’s the only way to be free someone will dig it up maybe make em lose their piece of mind we wanna see it come undone by the picket sign someone will call it out maybe when it’s children caught behind we wanna hear it tearing free from the thin blue line i read the news today oh boy she was a young american oppressed by old established men i heard the news today oh boy he was a young american killed cause the colour of his skin
Red Rocks 03:02
RED ROCKS it cut a hole in us we started bleeding and dying off we’re barely holding up i get the feeling we’ll never stop in the heart’s a darker loss it’s bleeding us and what’s the cost? why can’t we find it enough? they want it cold and without us they want it it got a hold on us we tried to fight but it’s not enough it’s getting cold and rough i get the feeling we’re giving up in the heart’s a darker loss we’re bleeding on these red rocks why can’t we find it enough? they want it cold and without us they want it
Walls 03:00
WALLS we can’t go through this anymore it’s so much louder than before it keeps resounding to the core to the core to the core to the core how could we ever be so sure to draw a line here on the floor crossed over always in a war in a war in a war in a war and these walls separate our humanity and these walls separated from you and me and these walls should fall and these walls should fall honey honey you and i we need to get to the other side what will this be for when we’re gone when will we see what’s going on we’re told this guards us it’s a con it’s a con it’s a con it’s a con what is this feedback feeding on if we’re fed only what we’ve drawn how could we realize if we’re wrong if we’re wrong if we’re wrong terrified nationwide far and wide great divide we’ll tear it down from the other side we’ll knock it down from the other side we’ll bring it down from the other side we’re reaching out to the other side we got to get to the other side
Reset 03:04
RESET load up on guns and bring your friends but don’t you try to run that’s how the story ends hang up the phone and throw it away they’re never coming home no matter whatcha say lock it away inside he was a friend of mine help came but not in time charlie had a gun to his head called in the classroom shots in the bathroom dressed in a costume followed by a trail of the dead lying on the floor now breaking down the door now it’s civil war now and all the people crawling forget dying on the floor now aiming at the core now it’s civil war now got all the people yelling reset load up your guns it’s a suicide it’s clear on either side there is nowhere to hide can’t get it through cause it’s overdue it’s either me or you and neither point of view lock down walk out got all the people yelling reset
This Is It 02:49
THIS IS IT mary’s stuck on seeing what she can’t get back pounding like the beating from a heart attack hiding it from strangers cause she’s so polite wanting to get back to when she felt alright talking of the past like it was yesterday and it’s all she’ll recall anyway cause she’s lost in the moment waiting alone this is all she’ll get it’s gone when it’s over have you heard it yet? this is it. ryan’s waiting standby for his yes or no holding in the goodbye like it’s touch and go wading through the water when it’s sink or swim passing on the offers through the thick and thin running out of minutes while he’s still on hold and who’s gonna call him at all when he’s missed every moment? waiting alone cause he can’t commit it’s gone when it’s over have you heard it it? this is it. alex went on hoping like they did before broken but still coping when they know there’s more fearing of it failing so they hold their tongue constantly derailing every one on one. safely on the sidelines giving up the dream after all they withdrawal from the scene cause they’re scared of the moment waiting for something that they’ll never get losing their lives like they won’t admit trying to find what they won’t forget good god when it’s over but it ain’t quite yet this is it. trying to find what they won’t forget it’s gone when it’s over have you heard it yet? this is it.
Civil 03:03
CIVIL anomie when you fall in line when you got no time will you free your mind? you know you’re not resigned what will it take? it looks like it’s too late what will it take? it looks like it can’t wait what will it take? it looks like it’s at stake da da da da da civil war civil right civil disobedience it’s what you want enemy from the world we know and we feel it grow will we let it go? we know, we know it though it’s what you want and what you need and after all it’s honesty
Trip 03:21
TRIP i took a trip saw a lot of weird shit palan islands on the way up lucy with her diamonds i felt a change no longer was so estranged looking out my window saw the light reflect a rainbow walking down the aisle of the airplane I knew i‘d boarded till i travelled there and back again i had to let go to my ego thinking i’m the pilot when i’m the cargo eight miles high i’m coming up trip or six feet deep where are we going now? you can hide i’m coming up trip or you can seek never really coming down i saw it all and all of it was me and i came back home and i felt alone i couldn’t sleep addicted to my misery and i said no no no cause it was a test to show that this whole world is a preview don’t you wanna see what’s the real view? wanna stay here in reservation? it’s a brave new world of revelation stranger in a daydream shapes of things you’ve never seen all you’re with and without tune in till the dropout
BLUE HIGHWAYS can’t buy me with an apology pay your fee to this economy it ain’t free this inequality and now we’re taking it back you can’t hide we know where you reside you have lied to folk on either side we have died from all your genocide and now we’re on the attack time is through and now you know that it’s true overdue and now you know that it’s you deja vu and now it’s coming in view payment’s due and now it’s coming for you it’s coming for the the 1% see how they runnin’ now now you know there’s nowhere left to go can’t lie low under the domino you still owe it to the navajo and now there’s nowhere to run you can pray to take your guilt away blue highway it’s all a power-play you can’t stay in charge of disarray and now you see what you’ve done
Dopamine 03:41
DOPAMINE every morning i have this dream where i am free from time i see faces of everyone who lives inside my mind these are people who’ve come and gone and left me where i am these are moments i’ve held so long yet barely understand all there is right now is clear all we have right now is here all the things that have gone away and faded from my life are alive inside my mind as vivid as the high and these visions they break apart a kaleidoscope of beams as we follow them now they start a swirl of dopamine
EULOGY OF REGRET when i was young i would lay awake wished i could get away wanted to get up and run and i thought time was a protocol not a wrecking ball and it had barely begun it can’t come true if you’re hiding it and you’re fighting it you won’t see what you’ll get so don’t you ever forget that all your time isn’t over yet my eulogy of regret when i grew old i would never dream wished there was more to me wanted to show how i felt and i thought i was a braver man but the fear began and so i took what was dealt and i see now how my story ends wished i could make amends wished i could be with you now and i thought death was a reckoning not an echoing and it grows louder than loud cause i wished long for a different life wished i could start again wished i could feel so alive if i were young, i’d remember it so don’t you ever forget
AMERICAN DREAM willy don’t let the world weigh you down you’re just a man and you’re spinning around they said you could make it if you tried but turns out they lied and they’re bleeding you dry please try again is what they say because they need you to play so please play again though you can never win know you can never win and that’s the heart of the scheme i don’t wanna lose my life to the american dream jay you almost made it in you’re just a man and it’s too far to swim they said you could have it if you succeed you have more than you want and nothing you need lennie and george you had a taste of the life you’re just some men and it cut like a knife they said you could have it if you choose but one of you was always to lose so enjoy your red white and green i don’t wanna lose my life to the american dream


released September 18, 2020


all rights reserved



Rich Aucoin Halifax, Nova Scotia


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